WorldOne Alliance

Integrated litigation Support, Solutions and services

Superior end-to-end litigation support services and a lower legal spend.

Our end-to-end litigation support solution where we leverage integrated collaborative practice and technologies to streamline processes and increase efficiencies in litigation. Our litigation groups' specialized expertise and decades of experience, paired with modern technology, enables us to deliver success at every stage of the litigation process – from pre-claim risk assessment through to discovery, trial and appeal.

What we do

Our team streamlines the high-volume aspects of litigation, making the necessary process more efficient and cost effective. We support our clients every step of the way through e-discovery – from document and data identification, collection and culling, through to review, organization and production. 

Our team is also instrumental in handling responses to undertakings, preparing witnesses for their examinations, and drafting discovery scripts and summaries. In addition, clients rely on us for critical information governance like developing document retention, storage and destruction policies.

How we do it

To optimize our effectiveness, the Disputes team is present through the entire lifecycle of a litigation matter. That way, our professionals gain a better sense of all the issues that are relevant to the file and can determine the most effective way of conducting evidence collection and review. We leverage leading technology platforms, as well as proven tools such as checklists, automated documents, templates, precedents and models, to ensure that the work is done right and as efficiently as possible.