WorldOne Alliance

We are WONE,

Global Team.

We work together across the globe to make a world of difference - Delivering impactful customer solutions consistently, scalably, efficiently, cost-effectively, collaboratively, transparently, and measurably.

We are international Integrated practice and service delivery platform covering law, accounting, tax and specialty business solutions - Helping businesses to expand globally through an alliance of independent accounting and law firms.

As a uniquely integrated global partnership, WONE is able to mobilise teams of multidisciplinary experts from across the globe in a seamless and efficient way to ensure you have the best team advising you regardless of where you, or your project, is based.

With a strong regional and international presence, and growing community of independently-owned member firms throughout the world, WONE Global is well placed to deliver the evolving needs of modern world businesses.

Our success is a reflection of the quality of our member firms, our systems and procedures and global reach, which brings together legal, audit, tax, accounting & consulting firms in over 100 countries around the world.

We help businesses around the globe operate with certainty and grow. From setting up subsidiaries abroad to managing international tax; from family office services to complex cross-border audits, member firms do what is needed to help clients – wherever they choose to do business in the world.

Member firms are well respected in their local markets, share similar values and work with the same types of clients, from small and medium-sized businesses, family business, entrepreneurial and fast growth enterprises to subsidiaries of major multinationals and not-for-profits.

With a strong regional and international presence in almost 100 countries, WONE Global is organised into 4 geographic regions, each with their own management and regional activities to foster growth and collaboration.

For more information about any of our regions around the world, please visit the region’s dedicated sites by clicking the links.

Efficient, accessible, progressive, modernized, collaborative, and resolutely client-first approach.

  • International offices with global reach
  • Decentralized and distributed workforce
  • All Partners have many years of proven excellence
  • Professionals and Attorneys work closely together as a team
  • Associate and paralegal support
  • Full-service team of legal specialists
  • Marketing support
  • Administrative support
  • Full-time and dedicated management team
  • Objective compensation model
  • Flexibility in billing rates and value-based billing

WONE is run by an operational team, led by its Chief Executive and President and Governed by a Global Board made up of its WONE Founders and Member Firms, and we hold an annual general meeting of all members.


WONE is geographically organised in following 4 regions:

  1. WONE Americas
  2. WONE Europe
  3. WONE Middle East & Africa
  4. WONE Asia Pacific

Each region operates with a unique dedicated management group and working committee, led by a Regional Leader who is part of the Global Executive Board and may also be the equity holder in WONE.

Member firm partners jointly govern WONE through its global executive board or regional committees. The ownership structure among members is defined in the WONE bylaws and also explained on this page below.

Regional Leaders are elected from among the regional members and work in tandem with the support of the global back office team. Regional leaders direct the regional coordinators at the back office to manage the operations and development on a day-to-day basis.

Elected by members from each region, the Global Councils role is to take strategic decisions and to represent the interests of members worldwide.

Our quality assurance (QA) systems ensure that the client’s precious business of all members will be looked after with the high quality expertise anywhere in the world. Any one of our firms can delegate the work to any other firm with total certainty.



Our Unique Model

Our proprietary systems, technology and alternative pricing structures, offer clients outstanding service, exceptional value and above all, Certainty. The focused expertise of our specialized groups combined with their ability to deploy technology drive down costs, increase delivery speed and enhance quality to meet client needs.

  1. Everything we do is Focused on outcomes 
  2. Global experience and local expertise
  3. Our work is Powered by novel systems, processes and technologies.

One-Off Projects

For one-off transactions,contracts or advice:

  • We agree a price upfront
  • The price is based on the anticipated created value, not the time spent

Remote Secondments

For medium-term projects which require a dedicated resource:

  • Matching needs to specialist lawyers
  • Cost certainty with monthly payments

On-Demand Retainers

For longer-term projects and support for in-house legal teams:

  • We work together to define the scope of work
  • We agree on the price
  • Your personal team delivers the service across multiple jurisdictions and disciplines
With professionals in 80+ countries, our global network helps member firms gain the capabilities of big4 – all without sacrificing their independence.

We believe that every one of our clients deserves access to the invaluable knowledge and industry acumen of our senior global partners. Whether you’re a small business or a multi-national, you can always rely on the latest thinking from some of our industry’s most respected practitioners.

Greater resources, more expertise and wider range of services to support clients better Prestigious global brand to enhance reputation and marketing One-to-one support to help ensure you get the most out of membership

Wherever you are in the world, you will enjoy the same seamless service, combining astute local knowledge with the global expertise of our senior professionals.

We believe in providing all our clients with a consistent service that goes above and beyond their expectations, wherever they are in the world. That means supporting you with valuable expertise from a local perspective combined with the international knowledge and insights of our global professionals. This dual perspective empowers you to face the future with confidence.

At WONE, we believe in giving clients more. More understanding. More expertise. More confidence.

As a uniquely integrated international practice, our teams around the world adhere to the same quality standards, project methodologies and technical standards meaning we deliver a consistent, seamless service wherever you may need them.

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