WorldOne Alliance

Audit & Assurance

In the fast-moving world of business, comprehensive and objective auditing continues to be invaluable. Building public trust in company reporting enhances confidence that enables business relationships and facilitates efficient capital allocation, promoting investment and growth.

WONE Global firms provide clients and critical stakeholders with assurance that annual audit and financial reporting requirements are both compliant and fairly presented, in each and every country. For a seamless service, your appointed firm will continue to manage the entire audit process, collaborating with other Praxity member firms and specialists across the globe. With an integrated structure that allows us to work seamlessly as one team, We serve regional, national and international companies of all sizes and structures by combining the right people with the right skills for every engagement, leveraging our collective knowledge and using consistent tools and methodologies.

WONE Risk Advisory specialists protect and enhance the value of our clients’ businesses, embedding Governance, Risk management and Compliance requirements across processes and technologies. These services provide a solid platform to perform effective governance and oversight on people, processes and technology across business activities and service providers.

Member firm specialists work closely with public, private and not-for-profit organisations, identifying and responding to risk, and helping to manage and control technology security and cyber-security needs.

  • Local and global regulatory compliance
  • Internal audits
  • Fraud risk assessment
  • Internal control reviews
  • Cyber Security and IT consulting
  • Information security risk assessments
  • Policy and procedure development services

WONE audit firms are subject to our global quality assurance review, including bi-annual, review. 

A wide range of assurance and review services can support your business in many ways such as financing, ownership changes, M&A.

Businesses are critically dependent on the efficacy, reliability and security of their IT systems. IT system consulting and audit helps organisations in both their IT-related decision-making and in testing the effectiveness, security and reliability of their systems.


Sometimes the biggest financial risks to an organisation can come from inadequate or opaque internal controls. Testing of and advice about these controls can provide essential peace of mind.

WONE member firms recognise the commercial importance of providing assurance on your business controls and, ultimately, meeting your regulatory requirements.