WorldOne Alliance


Technology, Media & Entertainment

Change and innovation are happening fast in the sector, and businesses need to be prepared, adapt and make the right decisions.

At WONE, we service clients across the sector – from small entrepreneurial businesses in the media & entertainment industry, to large multinationals in the technology industry.

WONE Global specialists provide knowledge, expertise and practical solutions to transform ideas into actions. We work with technology hubs and incubators as well as providing seminars and workshops. We work closely with other trusted professionals in the sector, including lawyers, patent attorneys, IP consultants, banks and investors so all angles are covered.

Depending on your needs, we provide services ranging from royalty and licensing audits and tax planning for privately-held entertainment companies to helping businesses managing risk where internal systems are integrated with third party platforms or cloud-based solutions.

Our clients include software developers, hardware manufacturers, digital media firms, telecoms companies as well as pharmaceutical, life sciences and engineering business where ground-breaking IP is paramount.