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Despite being a trusted adviser throughout the companies’ early-stage growth years and providing diligent quality service, mid-sized firms or regional full service firms often lose clients that grow big and expand in International markets.
WONE is the brand extension for the regionally strong and promising new firms having future growth potential. These firms have many many pressing reasons for banding with peers around the world with one global brand identity of quality and trust.

You’ve built a great firm and WONE membership can further strengthen you and your development strategy with support, quality management systems and services, access to expertise and much more.
You can benefit from actively collaborating and building effective working relationships with other members, across different service lines and sectors, across other countries and regions.
Joining WONE is not just a matter of paying a membership fee and enjoying great benefits, it's also about proactively leveraging its potential for exponential growth.

WONE Membership provides:

  • A global network of best-in-class partners “on-demand” across 80 countries to serve your business interests and clients globally. 
  • An internationally recognised brand.
  • The chance to receive new business or clients from other members.
  • Invitations to regional events around the world.
  • Professional development and leadership seminars by industry stalwarts.
  • Support from WONE international co-ordinators.
  • Senior directors on-call for more complex issues and advice.
  • Member meetings, including opportunities for firm leaders to network online and discuss new and improved services. 
  • Opportunity to join dedicated interest groups of leaders in specific areas.

Empowering our Member firms and their clients for global business success.

For independent professional service firms aspiring to serve their clients internationally, there is ‘no way they can do without’ membership of a quality network like WONE

Belonging to WONE enables your firm to help your clients grow overseas, provide specialist services, attract new client opportunities and attract talent.

Be a part of WONE - independently-owned firms that regularly collaborate and work together to support each other.

Meet and make friends with other professionals from member firms that share the same values and work with the same types of clients from all over the world.

Together, WONE members share their combined expertise from locations around the world.

When you become a member of WONE, you benefit from a trusted group of firms around the world and from the reputation of a prestigious global brand. Clients can be referred to colleagues within the WONE Global network who know the language, culture and legal context of the region and feel safe in the knowledge that their business will be handled with the same continued professionalism and care as it is at home.
There are a wide range of benefits, which can enhance your firm’s local reputation and increase your business prospects too. You can participate in our global and regional networking events, allowing you to make valuable connections, obtain advice and gain an international perspective from trusted peers.

Minimum fee USD 375 for firms with up to 3 partners.

For firms with more than 3 partners, membership dues are based on the number of full-time partners employed at a firm; US$118.00 per partner per year, up to a maximum of US$2180 as annual fee of a firm of any size.

If the member firm wishes to include other senior professionals also in the membership, the same fee per partner will apply.

Quality is the absolute cornerstone for WONE and as such every member firm is required to meet a number of obligations in relation to quality. 


To ensure consistent practices and standards among member firms, WONE has developed a number of methodologies, policies and practices that are compliant with International Standards (where applicable). These are being constantly evolved by specialists and leaders at member firms and the WONE Executive Office

A combined powerhouse of regional strong firms and independent super specialists in a specific services domain.

Based on the collective strength of members in a specific practice, specialization or a geographical region, the firms are able to proactively win work on a world stage.

Firms also deliver cost-effective services more efficiently being a part of WONE global collaborative and integrated practice. 

Our integrated practice brings more opportunities for members and more benefits to clients with greater resources, access to more expertise and a wider range of services. It also ensures that our members are well-positioned to provide market-leading advice and can share their experience and expertise globally so that a larger number and wider variety of businesses can benefit.

Member benefits 

At a time when the world is becoming ever more interconnected, bringing together a wide range of benefits and resources places our members in a stronger position to compete, grow and succeed, together.

Access to international conferences and the opportunities to connect with similar minded firms globally.

Mostly free access to online events and key speaking opportunities around regional and international conferences.

Benefit from a year-round schedule of meetings, seminars and webinars where Partners, Managers and Staff can get involved and participate, share best practices and strengthen relationships in their region and internationally.

Our international webinar series are an excellent opportunity for members to learn from one another, share know-how and exchange stories about their experiences in their respective fields.  


Build close connections with members in your region and internationally to help each other.  We have various tools in place to help match you with the right people across our global group so that you can exchange technical and business know-how and solve challenges together.

We are paving the way with our global technology partnership with Caseware and others. We are focused on finding global solutions that help members transition for the future and prepare for automated data input, AI and cloud accounting.

Our “go-to” global specialist groups help further opportunities for members who are qualified experts in their given field. These groups help our members to connect with peers in other parts of the world and exchange experiences and expertise and learn from each other.


Partners can also become shareholders in our global Company and accordingly receive dividends and other stakeholder benefits and privileges. 

WONE global membership helps in recruiting and retaining promising talent – a critical requirement of professional firms for sustaining growth. 

Support your clients by introducing them to the WONE global expertise.

As a part of WONE network, members are able to garner resources that they need in order to serve their clients well.

The resources and tools to retain and target clients with international needs.

An enhanced image and profile for your firm in both local and international markets.

Members WEBSITE on WONE platform Integrating members website on other domains.


Member Services

Our member firms are the soul of our brand and we focus very hard on ensuring they receive full help and support for anything they may need to practice and grow.

We actively facilitate global collaboration and nurture relationships within WONE Network by providing our members with a dynamic platform where business can be generated.

Involve and receive referrals from other members.

When our clients ask for help in another country any member can create an instant referral for firms in that country and get a quick reply for their client.

Any person with a profile on WONE Global can search for firms and contacts within our Network based on what they need most – be it a specific service line, country location, sector knowledge, language skills or a combination of those.

Our member events deliver networking and development opportunities. Members can anytime HOST an event with the help of WONE or join our live events.

Unlike other networks and associations of our size, we go further to help members of the network make the most of membership. We offer one-to-one support and provide customized marketing programs to maximize the marketing benefits that membership provides.

You can read more about this service HERE.

Practical supports such as website set-up, proposal templates and international service desk. 

WONE mentoring system for firms that don’t quite meet WONE benchmarks, but have the ambition and ability to improve and grow. 

Whenever there is a request from a member firm, WONE Global’s office is supporting the firm all the way. 


Building collaboration between firms and helping them go to market in a more joined-up way, utilising the skills of the larger firms in the region.

  • Collaborative marketing
  • Collaborative service delivery 
  • Collaborative Practice Management

Benchmark with other high quality, high achieving firms WITH Regular assistance and review of your quality procedures.