WorldOne Alliance


Acquiring or disposing of businesses or assets successfully is dependent on accurate and commercially meaningful valuation on both sides. The valuation process requires not only sophisticated analytical techniques but also a deep understanding of market performance now and in the future.

One of the most basic but important functions of accounting firms is to ensure that accounts and financial statements and reports are prepared and managed effectively, accurately and in accordance with the law in each country. Our firms help clients understand what the numbers mean for their financial, commercial, strategic and operational decisions.

In large organisations, financial controllers provide the essential link between accounting and financial management and commercial and operational decision-making. Their role is critical in both controlling income, expenditure and finance as well as giving support and advice to active business departments to help them obtain and use resources effectively. 

Good, practical cost management is essential for all businesses, especially those in a low cost, low margin environment. Our service is offered without you needing permanent internal human resources.

Sometimes things go wrong and you end up in court. Several of our members are highly specialised Forensic Accountants, whose job is to give evidence as technical experts in court, in a wide range of cases.