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Draft Trade Union Rules

Industrial Relations (Central) Recognition of Negotiating Union or Negotiating Council and Adjudication of Disputes of Trade Unions Rules, 2021 Industrial Relations Code, 2020 (“IR Code”) which is yet to come into effect, is a proposed statute to consolidate and amend the laws relating to trade unions, conditions of employment in industrial

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Brexit Business Checklist

BREXIT BUSINESS CHECKLIST – what changes do you need to make and what are the expected consequences if you don’t? Your business has enjoyed many years of trade in the UK and across Europe and you don’t want that to be affected by the UK leaving the EU. To continue enjoying that trade you will need to look at your current company arrangements and make some

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Director and Shareholder Disputes

Director and Shareholder Disputes The laws that govern the majority of boardroom and shareholders disputes are often very complicated and technical.

In addition to the pure legal aspect of the matter, they often reflect changes in established relationships, which can result in challenging confrontations between the parties. Each situation that

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