WorldOne Alliance


Emerging talent

As soon as you start to turn your talent and hard work into money you can find yourself exposed to risk in ways that you haven’t had to worry about before.

On your journey to the top, the decisions you, your family, managers and agents make today can have a huge influence on the direction your journey takes, and the rewards it brings along the way.

Getting to know you, understanding your motivations and immediate requirements allows us to provide you with early stage support, guidance and mentoring at the start.

The early identification and resolution of issues will be critical to the development of your brand and business potential.

Working to protect your success

It’s likely you already have a strong team of advisers and family looking out for you. We work with many of the world’s leading music, entertainment and sport agents and either provide them with specific legal advice in the background as questions arise or we can become part of the advisory team. We complement the services of agents, managers and other advisers, ensuring the decisions you take are legally watertight, every step of the way.

Key Contacts