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HEALTH AND SAFETY COMPLIANCE- AN IMPORTANT REQUIREMENT TODAY AND TOMORROW RECENT JUDGEMENT BY AN EMPLOYMENT TRIBUNAL IN UK UPHOLDING DISMISSAL An Employment Tribunal in East London, UK on February 12, 2021 upheld the order of termination of services of a lorry driver, terminated by his employer for refusing to wear Covid face mask inside the lorry

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Right to Privacy

REMOVAL OF OFFENSIVE CONTENT FROM SOCIAL MEDIA In a recent judgment of April 2021, titled ‘X Vs. Union of India & Others’, the Hon’ble Delhi High Court has issued elaborate guidelines for Courts to pass orders for removal of offending or illegal content from the Internet/worldwide-web and also steps required to be taken by law enforcement agencies to

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Why should you Retain a legal strategist?

The legal profession has, traditionally, been a place of hourly rates where lawyers work on a time spent basis. Is this in your best interests? Why should you be penalised if your lawyer is a slow reader? Why should you have unpredictable legal costs to undertake with no clarity on the outcome? Is there another method? We believe lawyers can add more

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OBN&, part of Foment’s Tax Expert Group.

On Monday 26 April, Foment de Treball set up the Group of Tax Experts to analyse and formulate the relevant proposals and recommendations to the Government during the process of reforming the Spanish tax system. OBN& is pleased to inform you that the group, which will be made up of professionals from some of the most prestigious law firms, will be

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